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Cubicban Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/20/22
ESRB RatingE

CubicBan claims it is a Sokoban-based puzzle game. When you read Sokoban, just translate from Japanese to mean glorified box-pushing puzzles. Therefore, this is a box-pushing puzzle game where you put boxes into box shaped goals, any goal will do. However, just you free to push any box into any box goal, doesn’t there isn’t a right order to do the boxes, or that any box should go into any goal. One wrong move and you’ll be pressing X to restart the puzzle. Later on, you’ll get a circle to push into a circle goal that will open a path for boxes to go through.

CubicBan Switch Review

Like Cubic Figure before it, Cubicban is no frills, just seventy-six puzzles in a starry background with minimal UI and ambient music. Still, I like these minimalist puzzle games. Unlike the pretty girls games, where the waifus are Queen and the puzzles are secondary, here the puzzles are the focus and there’s something very nice about that. I wonder how well these games sell because of their minimalist nature. Considering there are three of them(one coming soon), I guess these sell pretty well to the casual market.

Overall: CubicBan is another good minimalist puzzle game from DillyFrame.

Verdict: Recommended

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