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World Soccer Cup 2022 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/21/2022
PublisherPix Arts
ESRB RatingE

World Soccer Cup 2022 is an embarrassment. And to commemorate this embarrassment, for the first time on this site, you’re going to get a video, why? Because the audio has to be heard to hear how annoying it actually is. Watch it, then I’ll explain what you’re watching.

First, the audio, it is the same five second chant played over and over again. It gets annoying real fast and you’re going to want to turn the sound off, because there is not anything else you want to hear.

Now the game play of World Soccer Cup 2022 is there, and that is the best thing I can say about it. There is a shoot button and a pass button. When on defense, shoot turns into steal, and pass turns into switch player. Expect the AI to take full advantage of stealing and steal whenever possible, even if they are not even close to. As for passing, it works for you, there is always someone nearby to pass to. The AI never passes, so just run up and steal. Also shown in the video is that when not directly in front of the goal, the AI will shoot straight into the net, as it did twice. The goal tending AI is hit or miss. Sometimes it will catch your shots, other times you can walk right into the goal.

World Soccer Cup 2022 Switch Review
The AI punted and nobody was there!

You get a choice of eight teams, raging from Germany to USA to Argentina, you don’t get their flags to designate them, just random animal symbols. So basically it end ups being the red team vs. the green. It doesn’t matter what team you pick, they’re all the same. Also of the note is that the in-game pause menu does not work. Pressing the pause button does not bring up a menu. So once you start a game, you either play it completion or exit out via the home screen.

World Soccer Cup 2022 was obviously released to capitalize on the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. But they didn’t get official licenses, or make a game worth your time. I’m not a soccer fan, and this game did nothing to turn me into a fan of the sport.

Overall: World Soccer Cup 2022 is a terrible soccer game, at least there aren’t loot boxes like in FIFA.

Verdict: Garbage

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