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Devastator Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/25/2022
Publisher2Awesome Studios
ESRB RatingE

It sucks that Activision has abandoned the Geometry Wars franchise, a twin stick shooter where you fight geometric shapes. Other games have attempted to fill the void. Devastator is one such game. It is literally Geometry Wars. Take a look:

It even has the music slowdown when you die.

There are three modes in Devastator. Instead of describing them, I’ll just post a screenshot explaining the three:

Devastator Switch Review

There are three difficulty levels in Devastator for each mode, Practice, Normal and Elite. There are multiple fire modes in the game, including a split cannon and a reflecting cannon(which is show in the video). I usually get keep it on reflect, but you can choose any at any time. There is also a localized bomb on a timer you can deploy.

Devastator Switch Review

There really is not much more to say about Devastator, it is a very good Geometry Wars clone and there is nothing particularly wrong with it. Recommended.

Overall: Devastator is a good Geometry Wars clone that should be played by anyone missing that franchise.

Verdict: Recommended

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