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Pocket Mini Golf 2 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/11/22
PublisherQubic Games
ESRB RatingE

To understand Pocket Mini Golf 2, I had to go back to its predecessor, Pocket Mini Golf. In the first game, things were very basic. No restarting holes, no mulligans, a very basic golf theme and no customization. There was casual mode, with no score. And there was challenge mode that kept score and gave you three balls to complete a hole. There was also the Fairways DLC that gave you more complex holes to complete.

Pocket Mini Golf 2 Switch Review
This is Pocket Mini Golf, very basic even with the DLC.

Pocket Mini Golf 2 takes everything and turns it up to eleven. You can now restart holes, there is a mulligan feature, four different themes split among a hundred holes, and the ability to customize everything from golf balls to the flag with the coins you collect in casual mode. In casual mode, you get ten balls and scores based on the number of shots you take. Depending on the number of shots, you’ll get zero to three stars. In challenge mode, you have 10 balls total, for all holes, with no restarts or mulligans. Winning will only give you one or two balls back, so be good! In both modes, there are also three power-ups you can collect. There is Jump, Boost and Instant Stop, the latter being the most useful IMO.

This is Pocket Mini Golf 2, and things get complex fast.

Honestly, of the two Pocket Mini Golf games, the sequel is a very different game than its predecessor. Its complexity vs. simplicity. But if I had to choose, I’d choose the sequel, for the expanded number of holes and the complexity of the holes therein. Also the customizing feature and differing themes, adds some pizazz to the game. However, I will recommend both games.

Overall: Pocket Mini Golf 2 is a better game than its predecessor, but it is worth teeing off with both games.

Verdict: Recommended

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