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Outrun 2006 PSP Retro Game Review

Release Date4/25/2006
DeveloperSumo Digital

You will notice in the title, a brand new system I’m doing games for, the PSP. The PSP might have been overshadowed by the Nintendo DS, but it was still a stellar system with stellar games. I have a rather large and impressive PSP collection I will be featuring games from, Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast being one of them. Getting the system to stream was headache, having to purchase new equipment(cable, Ypbpr to HDMI converter, new capture card), but I like the results.

Outrun 2006’s pedigree

Outrun 2006 is an update of Outrun 2, which released for arcades and the Xbox. It is actually Outrun 2 SP, an arcade update of Outrun for the arcades which featured new tracks and cars, plus a “coast 2 coast” mode. All you really need to know is it has 2 sets of 15 tracks, plus 15 cars, the most in the outrun series. I actually don’t own Outrun 2 or Outrun 2006 for the Xbox, they’re pretty pricey and with this version, I really don’t feel the need to.

Outrun 2006
Its Outrun you know and love.

Outrun 2006 has multiple modes, both single and multiplayer, including that Coast 2 Coast mode, which I frankly never touched. Instead I play classic Outrun mode, which is you racing with your girlfriend along one way tracks, trying to beat the clock. At the end of each track, there is a split, and you decide which way to go. Each track is more difficult than the last. The game does get difficult fast, I’ve never been able to see track 5 on a route. But I think that’s a good thing, as the game requires great driving to impress your girlfriend.

Outrunning greatness into glory!

And before I continue, here’s the game play video. It is me on my first time on “just drive” mode, which plops you in with a random unlocked car and you race. I get to the end of track 3, which isn’t bad for my first time in several years.

Now, I’ll mention that, no matter which mode you drive in, you get miles, which are used to unlock reversed versions of course, new cars and new music.

Outrun 2006
The soundtrack is awesome!

I frankly think Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast is a phenomenal game. There are tons of modes to play, with 2 completely different sets of tracks. The 30 tracks are neat and varied and the cars handle well. The game play is so buttery smooth, you’ll keep coming back for more. If its this good on the PSP, it must be stellar on the PS2 and Xbox editions. If you’re looking for a version of the game you can afford, the PSP is the cheapest and the Xbox version being insanely expensive. But honestly, watch that video again. That is a video of a good game, even on a tiny screen.

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