Super Night Riders Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/25/23
ESRB RatingE

Super Night Riders is Outrun with motorcycles. You play this woman named Alice who is known as the Red Rider. You ride through 36 stages divided into six courses. Each stage has one of six themes, including forest, city and valley(Egypt). Your goal is to beat the clock and hit the end of the stage before the timer goes to zero. In your way are other motorcyclists, who slow you down significantly if you get hit. You have two versions, the blocky Classic version and the modern Super. I’ll post a picture of both versions here so you take a look at the visuals. But the difference is just cosmetic, courses are the same.

This is classic!
This is Super!

Honestly, I prefer Classic as there is more visual detail in your character. Anyways, the game is challenging. The game knows its challenging, so they put in an easy mode. Even with easy mode, the game is still challenging. But that’s fine. Outrun was not easy either. The soundtrack is also notable because of its six very catchy synth tunes. Finally, there are anime images that can be unlocked of Alice. Overall, I liked this. Super Night Riders is a competent and challenging game that gives more than enough game for its budget price. I’m not feeling it is a Must Play, but it is still a highly recommended game.

Overall: Super Night Riders is a competent and challenging game at the perfect price point for what it delivers. Well done!

Verdict: Recommended

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P.S. Want another excellent budget Motorcycle game? Try Extreme Bike X!

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