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Beat Them Up Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/2/23
PublisherMidnight Works
ESRB RatingE

Beat Them Up – Box Simulator – Boxing Battle Fight Combat for Nintendo Switch Ultimate 2023 is from Midnight Works. Last week I reviewed Midnight Runner, which was decent. This is crap, so it’s business as usual. Right from the menu screen, you can tell we have a problem.

Beat Them UP copyright Infringement!

Do you see it? That man is Terry Bogard from SNK’s King of Fighters series. I highly doubt Midnight Works paid for the rights to him, so we’re dealing with copyright infringement. Unfortunately, the actual game in Beat Them Up is not much better. It’s terrible beat ’em up made up of four very short levels. You play a guy named Jimmy who beats up convicts from the County Jail in New York City. You beat up like ten convicts, then face a guy in karate gi who kicks your ass, game over, back to the start.

Midnight Works lying about Beat Them Up!
This is an official screenshot. Trust me, this does not happen.

Beat Them Up’s game play is barely functional. You can punch, kick, and block. But half the time you either punch through your enemy, or they punch through you. There are pickups, but only the bat in the first box is always there, the rest is randomized. So you might get 2 health pickups, or get none at all. It smacks of developer laziness.

So in the end, Beat Them Up is a terrible beat ’em up that fails to provide a competent or fun game. It’s like the game was never really play-tested, just shipped out the door. I think Midnight Works expects the game to fail, because otherwise, SNK might have something to say. At least there is different music during the boss fight I guess.

Overall: Dear SNK: Beat them Up has Terry Bogard in the menus. Please do something, Beat Them Up is absolutely terrible.

Verdict: Garbage

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P.S. Play The Takeover instead of Beat Them Up.

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