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4×4 Offroad Driver 2 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/17/23
ESRB RatingE

4×4 Offroad Driver 2 is one of those driver games like Truck Simulator 2 which I reviewed back at the beginning of the site. There are a ton of these that seem to be made by the same developers, just under different names—this time it’s BoomHits instead of PixelMob. They all boil down to the same thing. You drive something around a course, following directions and trying to beat the time. You win coins to unlock the next vehicle. Here is also the same. Following the directions, you drive a 4X4 on an off-road course, and then park correctly at the finish. There is no real difference between this and the umpteenth other driver simulation games, except that you are driving 4x4s around an outdoor course.

Although, that’s not entirely true. 4×4 Offroad Driver 2 looks significantly better than Truck Simulator, I’ll give it that. But there’s no other reason to get these games unless you like them. They have the formula down to a science; it works. When you buy these games, you know exactly what you are getting. What more can I say?

Overall: 4×4 Offroad Driver 2 is virtually identical to all the other “driving simulators” on the Switch. Get it only if you like these games.

Verdict: YMMV

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