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Give Me Toilet Paper! Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/2/22
PublisherTakahiro Miyazawa
ESRB RatingE

In Give Me Toilet Paper!, a man on a toilet needs toilet paper, and you are the roll. You must roll yourself to the man. Sounds simple, right? Well no, because this game cannot be played in handheld mode. Yes, that’s right, you’re rolling a joycon inside a toilet paper roll on top of a board. I’m 100% serious. That is what they want you to do:

You also need tissue paper wadded to lock the joycon in place!

Well unfortunately for me, I did not have a large enough piece of cardboard lying around, my toilet paper wasn’t completely round, and I didn’t have tissue paper. Needless to say, the gimmick did not work for me. The joycon kept falling out. Fortunately, you can just roll the left joycon in your hand and it works fine.

So how is Give Me Toilet Paper! itself? I loved it! You basically roll the paper around, avoiding saws, laser beams, and spiked rolls while using springs, fans, and magic tunnels to get around. It does get more difficult later on when you have to roll precisely or it’s back to the start. It’s simple to play but hard to master, the best kind of gameplay!

Look at how happy he is!

Give Me Toilet Paper! is good without the gimmick, but with the gimmick, it turns into a weird party game you’ll want to play with others. The only negative is there is exactly one song. It’s a good song, but it gets grating the fiftieth time you hear it. Other than that, this was delightful. I don’t think it’s an absolutely Must Play, but it’s a definite Recommended!

Overall: Give Me Toilet Paper! is a delightful gimmick game that can be played without the gimmick, but it is better with it.

Verdict: Recommended

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