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Pretty Girls Panic PLUS Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/4/21
ESRB RatingM

I’m only reviewing Pretty Girls Panic Plus because I received Pretty Girls Collection 2, which has it. I sat through the entire thing to see anime titties. Why? Because if I’m spending around $35 for it, I better see some titties. And the titties are there, if you want to shell out for the physical version of it. Otherwise, you have to settle for the tit-less version with digital. But how is the game itself? A decent Qix clone, though it’s nothing worth absolutely having.

That’s all I can show you!

Pretty Girls Panic PLUS is actually a sequel to the first Panic! game, which I sat through as well (as I have the first collection). The first game actually has more levels, but the second is more refined. Panic! Plus has restricted zones—zones that speed you up, slow you down, and also kill you. You also get a choice between an easier mode and challenge mode. Otherwise, the two are very similar games, but the second edges it out.

Honestly, like most Pretty Girls games, there’s little reason to play, and even less without the tits. And as there are tons of Qix clones on the switch, Pretty Girls Panic PLUS just fades into the background, especially in light of Mokoko X. So, honestly, your choice here. Are anime boobs and tits worth the money? Up to you.

Overall: Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS is like most Pretty Girls games: you buy them to ogle waifus. At least the collection version has nudity…

Verdict: YMMV

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