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Pachi Pachi On A Roll

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/20/20
PublisherDolores Ent.
ESRB RatingE

Pachi Pachi On A Roll is a vastly more advanced version of Peggle. You drop a ball onto a play field filled with pegs to bounce off of on the way to the bottom slots. In that game, your goal was to fill all the bottom slots and move to the next level. Here in Pachi Pachi, your goal is either all the missions listed on the left side or the screen, or a high score. There are four levels in this game: Casino, wild west, space, and fantasy. On each level there are two lovely buxom ladies in appropriate attire, which you will remove.

They will be wearing next to nothing by the time you are done.

Each level conforms to its theme. For example, in the casino level about, drop in the central slot machine to roll for a chance of random prizes. In the Wild West Level, there is a six shooter to hit and train running along the bottom. In space, there are ufos, asteroids and black holes. Still, there are standards pegs, heart pegs(three hits to remove a piece of clothing) and the bottom slots to drop in. The missions can be confusing on a what to do at first, but you’ll get the hang of it quick. There are also level specific mini games to play, like a breakout clone in the wild west, and pinball machine in space.

The Mini games are fun!

I went into this thinking it was crap. Two hours later, I was still playing. Its not a long game, but it is very fun to play. It is also risque, but there is a sequel which only has a T rating, while this gets an M. I have the sequel. I have played some of it. Pachi Pachi 2 is not risque, but the game play is the same goodness, with 4 more varied levels Overall, if you’re looking for a risque Peggle game, you cannot go wrong here. If you want less risque, just go with the sequel. Or you can just get both. Fully recommended any way you go.

Overall: Pachi Pachi On A Roll is a very risque version of Peggle, that also advances the genre in interesting ways.

Verdict: Recommended

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