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War Tank Machine Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/3/23
PublisherInstamarketing and Game
ESRB RatingE

War Tank Machine Battle Vehicle Simulator – Fight World Wars WWII Mechanic Troopers Royale Driving could have been a contender from Instamarketing and Game. It plays alright. The tanks drive, the tanks shoot and don’t get hold up on level geometry. There’s even an upgrade and customization system in place. There’s only one little problem: There’s nobody to shoot. This game requires an online connection, and that’s because you are fighting other players. Except, there’s no one playing, I have a feeling that’s not going to change any time soon, or ever.

Why not have bot tanks to play? Why not have local matchmaking? I’m not even sure War Tank Machine actually attempts to match you, as there’s no delay when creating a match to find other players. So the end result is you are a driving around empty maps shooting at nothing. Sorry, Instamarketing and Game, who have shown they can make decent stuff, that’s not going to cut it. For a game that costs $15, at least give me bots to shoot. Otherwise, this is pure Garbage!

Overall: War Tank Machine is an online only game with no players, therefore being completely pointless to play.

Verdict: Garbage

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