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Kitten Island Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/3/23
PublisherGame Nacional

Kitten Island is by Game Nacional, the same publisher responsible for Rafa’s World, a very boring platformer with a notorious trailer. It was also responsible for, a platformer so godawful, I didn’t even want to waste words reviewing it. So I just issued a tweet warning people not to play it. Kitten Island isn’t particularly broken, just extremely amateurish in design and function. It works, I played through it, but it was so innocuous and boring, I probably won’t remember i played it week from now…wait, i will remember the constant annoying meowing every 5 seconds that got on my nerves.

See the snakes, pay attention to the next image.

Kitten Island is fifteen levels, split between Forest, Desert and Ice. In each level, you’ll platform around, jumping on snakes, spiders, scorpions and bats. There will spike pits and rotating spike balls. There are five crystals to find in each level, and some are in hidden areas(with no clue they are there). It doesn’t matter if you find them all or not. The game continues anyway. The big issue is that all fifteen levels are basically the same. There’s no deviation in enemies or platforming hazards. There are no features distinct to each area. So it gets real boring real fast. Plus, towards the end, design gets cheap, with crystals placed directly above spikes you will hit. There are also hearts(extra lives) places directly in hazardous areas so chances are, getting them are pointless.

Same snakes, different color.

So you put it all together, you get a really shitty platformer that is best played with the sound off. Kitten Island is perfectly mediocre, as it is perfectly playable. There is just no reason to play it, at all. Finally,the game is rated T for blood and violence. There is no blood and Mario Bros.-level violence. So how it got it, I don’t know.

Overall: Grating sound and badly designed levels define Kitten Island. Hard Pass.

Verdict: Not Recommended

P.S. Even though I personally did not like it, you might want to try Lunistice.

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