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Boo Party Switch Review

Warning: Boo Party contains Ecchi, so its NSFW!

A lot of work went into Boo Party. It also seems to be a relatively big release for EastAsiaSoft. Unfortunately, this party is a complete bust because point and click adventure games don’t work as 2D isometric games that seem to made in RPGMaker. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You are this dude who gets lost in the woods, and meets up with the scientist who wants you to get twelve pictures of paranormal babes because reasons. Go in the old house and find a ghost who lost his invitation to this supernatural shindig. You go outside, find the invitation and give it to the ghost. The ghost will them transport to party and left to your own devices. It is here where things falls completely apart. In order to discuss what exactly is wrong, I’m going to have to spoil, so I’m putting up a warning.

Boo Party Witch
Art is very good!

*Warning* Spoilers follow!

The game play loop in Boo Party is: you run into everything, talk to you everyone and hope for the best. The problem is everything looks the same half the time. There’s even a puzzle built around that. There’s a plant woman, she wants three pictures of rare plants. You need to run around the mansion and look for three out of the ordinary plants from the exactly two varieties you have. This gets annoying fast. In other cases, its not clear where certain objectives are. Cats will join your party early on. They’re for a babe on the top floor in a random bedroom. Even worse, its sometimes not clear what the solution to a problem even is. There’s a robot charging in a hallway… and that’s all they tell you. There’s a painting that will tell you your objectives if you get lost. Still does not help with that robot.

Boo Party Palms
Find to odd palm tree out!

Then there are spirit points. For every babe pic you snap, you get 50 spirit points. These points are spent on various objectives. For example, you need to buy an energy drink for a babe in the gym to work out with. It costs 100 spirit points. You’ll also need 100 spirit points to talk to the mermaid queen. More points are needed for a skeleton in the men’s changing room. Its not clear what order you’re supposed to do the babe’s quests in. I think I may have screwed myself by going out of order and not having enough spirit points to complete. I’m not sure. Boo Party isn’t clear on this.

End of Spoilers!

Boo Party Humor
Sometimes the humor works, like here.

Boo Party is a bust!

What this all adds up to is a frustrating, confusing mess. Boo Party wants to be Leisure Suit Larry(at least the old ones), In those games, there were babes to screw, but to screw them you needed to complete a convoluted set of sets. Its pretty much the same here, except you get ecchi pic(which you can censor in the options). Boo Party would have been better served as a more expensive straight point and click in the LSL style. This would have made the areas and characters more more distinct and hopefully objectives much clearer. Critical clues shouldn’t be found in random book cases which look identical to all the others.

Boo party door puzzle
The one great puzzle I found.

I spent two hours and forty six minutes with Boo party. Half an hour was spent with the door puzzle about. Two hours and eleven minutes were spent bumbling around, running into everything and everyone hoping for the puzzle solution. The remaining five minutes were solving the other puzzles. There supposedly are mini-games, never got to them. But I don’t really care. There’s no story and the ecchi pics aren’t enough to keep me stumbling around. As much as it pains me, I’m going to have to give this a Not Recommended. Boo Party’s game play is so poor, it’s not even worth showing up for.

Overall: Boo Party fronts a good time, but in the end, this party is just lame.
Verdict: Not Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date 6/29/23
ESRB RatingM

P.S. For a great point and click, try Tux and Fanny! If the babe artwork seems similar to Crawlco Block Knockers, its because its by the same developers

Game received free from the publisher!

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