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Rainbow Runner Switch Review

You’d think, judging by the title pic, that Rainbow Runner is a cutesy girl game. That’s not really true. What Rainbow Runner is, is an often tricky auto-runner that anyone can enjoy. I’ll be honest, my expectations were rock bottom for this. But when you set you expectations that low, you never come out disappointed. You pick a guy or a girl, and run along a rainbow. There are four colored gates. At the bottom is colored text. Depending on what the text says, you’ll run through the corresponding color gate.

Rainbow Runner Stage

There are six level in Rainbow Runner: Level one is straight forward. Level two is running through gate based on the text, not the text color. Three is text color. Four gets tricky as you have two colored words and you have through the gate which corresponds to the missing color(neither text nor text color). Five is the same as four, except you have to run through the duplicated. The final level, six, is a mashup of the previous five. Along the road, there are arrows that speed you up. That is pretty much the game.

Rainbow runner overworld
The over-world, which allows you to pick levels, go to the appearance shop, and a leader board.

While the game is pretty fun single player, the game is also multiplayer, up to four friends on local. That is where I believe Rainbow Runner would really shine, as you all struggle with harder levels. When you die, you get rainbow points, which allow you to customize your character. There is also is a leader board if you want to see it. The only negative I really ran into in game was a bug in one level where things started stuttering. A reset made it go away. The cost is also high at $20, but Prison Game’s mo is to often put this on sale for $1.99.

Rainbow runner stutter
The weird stutter

Rainbow Runner is not as bad as you’d think. I think its pretty inoffensive fun, even better with friends. Therefore, I will give it a Recommended!

Overall: Rainbow Runner is color fun for the whole family. Perfectly fine alone, great with others.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/12/23
PublisherPrison Games
ESRB RatingE

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