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Crafting Block World Switch Review

I’m going to start off this review by posting two images, which sum up Crafting Block World – Magical Dungeons Adventure. This is because there is no way to sum up this game without talking about another game.

Yes that’s right, Crafting Block World is a Minecraft clone. Minecraft should not really need elaboration, because it is only of the highest selling, most popular games of all time. Crafting Block World is Minecraft, minus everything that made the latter so popular, namely mods, multiplayer and a creative mode. You start off is Crafting Block World picking between two different worlds, either one where you fight zombies and spiders, or cavemen and dinosaurs. Then you start the gaming loop, where you punch trees to get wood blocks and use the wood blocks to craft planks.Then use the planks to make a crafting block to make various items like wooden axes and pickaxes. It’s very familiar by design. And honestly, kinda boring and pointless. Let’s get into why.

Crafting Block World vs. Minecraft

Was I going to spend hundreds of hours delving into the nooks and crannies of Crafting Block World? No. The basics are there, but why bother, when Minecraft is out for Switch? Sure its $30 when this is only $10. However, this lacks multiplayer, so you can’t play with others. It lacks mods, which can radically transform the game into basically anything you want it to be. Finally, there is no creative mode, where you can build amazing wonders without having to worry about cavemen coming up and killing you. There’s simply no reason to Play Crafting Block World. Everything this does, Minecraft does better, and I highly doubt this will have years of ongoing support to improve it.

To demonstrate the power of Minecraft, I’m going to use a mod for sale on the store, called Immersion: Washington D.C. of which there is a screenshot above. A few people spent 150 days worth of time and a billion blocks to craft a jaw-dropping rendition of the most famous area in DC, the National Mall up to the White House, 1.24 square miles. It is impressive, especially if you’ve been there and walk into the Air and Space Museum and find that the food court looks scarily similar to the real thing. Can you do this in Crafting Block World? No. Even if you could, would you want to? No. With no mods or severs, there’s no real way to show this off besides screenshots. With nobody to appreciate your work, no reason to build wonders.

I was floored when I saw this. The attention to detail is insane.

In the end, this is a stripped down Minecraft with nothing that makes that game having the staying power it does. As as result, there’s no reason to get this. On its own, it is an admirable clone, but when compared to its obvious inspiration, there’s no contest of what you should get. Crafting Block World – Magical Dungeon Adventure misses the point entirely.

Overall: Crafting Block World is Minecraft, with nothing that makes that game the Juggernaut it is.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/13/23
ESRB RatingE10+

P.S. Want to see a clone that eclipses its inspiration? Try Army of Ruin!

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