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Counter Delta 2 Switch Review

When choosing what games to review, I often must make a choice. Do I review a good FPS called Demonic Supremacy, or this game, Counter Delta 2: Eastern Crisis, a horrible game? I have chosen this game and I’m not entirely sure why. But I have. So lets dig in.

Counter Delta 2 Story

In Counter Delta 2 there’s a thin veneer of a story. Sometime about a war in Eastern Europe. None of it matters. All you need to know is you and 2 AI teammates need to kill all the generic bad guys. Your teammates are useful as they kill enemies, but they do get in your way(you’ll see in a second). You’re basically a sitting duck as the AI can hit you across the map, with you possessing limited defensive capabilities. Let’s see a video of this in action:

Call of Duty, this is not!

Probably the most noticeable thing in Counter Delta 2 is the washed out of grainy look of things, which my assumption is to hide horrible the textures are. As far as game play goes, even if I were to take to cover, I’d still be hit, hence why I don’t do it. The game play, therefore, is simply a mess. There’s no tactics involved, you just spray bullets and hope for the best.

Counter Delta 2 Upgrade Screen

There are three characters to choose from in Counter Delta 2. Ranger, sniper and specialist. Ranger is the the only who makes sense to play, given the nature of the enemy AI. It can hit you in any position, and usually runs right at you when its not targeting your teammates. I lasted less with the Sniper than the Ranger.The specialist costs fifty-thousand gold. Speaking of which, you can upgrade you weaponry, which has absolutely no effect on anything.

Counter Delta 2 Title Screen
This game wants to be COD!

So, what are we left with in Counter Delta 2? A self-important mess of a game that fails at absolutely everything. They get points for trying, but just don’t deliver.

Overall: Counter Delta 2 wants to be Call of Duty. The worst COD is light years better than this.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/27/23
PublisherTroooze Games
ESRB RatingT

P.S. For another Troooze stinker, try Counter Crossline!

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