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Counter Crossline Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/22/2022
PublisherTroooze Games
ESRB RatingE10+

Counter Crossline: Crime War is not worth wasting 300 words on. Its not even worth wasting 10. But I will anyway. Counter Crossline is a terrible twin stick shooter, in part, because it tries to be more than that. Observe the controls:

Counter Crossline Switch Review

You can walk/run, roll and crouch. It seems to be this wanted to be 3rd person action game but they really didn’t have the budget for it. First, you get to the menus, which are full of misspelling:

Counter Crossline Switch Review
Controll Center, real mark of quality there!

Then you get to the meat of the Counter Crossline, the minute long “levels” where you shoot up to seventeen dudes in samey looking urban environment. No really, you can beat these levels in under a minute. And if you do anything but run to the health or ammo pickups(the green circles on the minimap) while mowing down dudes along the way, you’ll die quickly.

Counter Crossline Switch Review

Once you win, you get some gold, which is used to upgrade your weapons, and move on. Honestly, I didn’t even know you could upgrade until level 11, which shows how pointless that is. Once you clear 10 levels, you get an “invade mode” where you shoot waves of dudes in 3 minutes or less. Get ten waves in that, you unlock a “defence mode.” You start with the dude in Counter Crossline, and will unlock the lady later if you save up 50,000 gold, but I don’t really see the point.

Counter Crossline Switch Review
The developers had high ambitions, and low talent and budget.

Counter Crossline: Crime War is a game, not unlike Soulsland, where the developer had huge ambition, but neither the budget nor the talent to make it happen. Because the game is priced at $15, they obviously thought it was worth the premium. The game is not. Its not a good twin stick shooter, period. It’s total garbage!

Overall: Counter Crossline: Crime War is a game that aimed high, but ended up in the gutter.

Verdict: Garbage

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