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Operate Now Hospital Switch Review

Operate Now Hospital is a mobile transplant, which ultimately falls into the same trap Eroblast did. The game revolves around microtransactions, and removing them effectively destroys the game. This because the game was designed around them, and without the ability to purchase things, Operate Now Hospital grinds to a halt. Its sad because this is an enticing mix of hospital management, surgery and medical show drama that will appeal to a casual demographic.

Operate Now Hospital Surgeries

Let’s start with the most interesting thing, the surgeries. This section obviously draws inspiration for the Trauma Center series, a staple of the WII/DS days where you operate on patients surrounded by a gripping medical drama. The issue with Operate Now Hospital is, the surgeries are ridiculously easy compared to those game. The Trauma Center series was known for being ridiculously hard, but that allowed it to be gripping. Here, surgery gets rote and routine quickly, when they should be the center piece.

Operate Now Hospital Grey's Anatomy

Next up in Operate Now Hospital is the medical drama, which plays like Grey’s Anatomy, and I could not care less. However, those who like Grey’s Anatomy may like section. However, It’s locked away and stretched out, making it less impactful than it could be. So this brings us to hospital management.

Operate Now Hospital Management

In Operate Now Hospital, patients are admitted, they go to surgery, recover in wards, and then are discharged. All departments needs staff. Staff run on stamina, which can only be recharged if you pay with hearts, or in the break room on a timer. No staff, nothing happens. Here’s the kicker, recruiting staff also requires hearts, which you could buy in the mobile title, but can’t here. You can only earn them via drip feed. So things grind to a halt if all staff are either busy or recovering. When I play a switch game, I want to play the entire Switch game, not have to come back hours later. This may work for mobile phone gaming, but not on the Switch. There’s also expanding the hospital and new features, but guess what? That’s locked away and drip fed. Excuse me while I fall asleep.

Operate Now Hospital Animated Sequences

Operate Now Hospital is not a bad game. It’s just a mobile title that was designed for the mobile phone, and around microtransactions. Bring it to a platform a lot people play on the TV, and excise the microtransactions, it loses all its luster. So if you’re going to play this, play it on your phone. On the Nintendo Switch, it’s a Not Recommended.

Overall: Operate Now Hospital is a mobile title. Play it on mobile, skip the Switch version.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/27/23
ESRB RatingE10+
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