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Ace Antigravity Combat Racing

Ace Antigravity Combat Racing proudly proclaims in the marketing blurb:

Prepare for adrenaline-pumping races as you reach impossible speeds in a futuristic world.

Bullshit marketing blurb

I’m sorry, Ace Antigravity Combat Racing publisher Max Interactive Studio, does this seem adrenaline-pumping to you?

As you can clearly see, Ace Antigavity Combat Racing is anything but adrenaline-pumping. In fact it is the single most boring racing game I’ve ever play. The key to a good futuristic racer is a sense of sheer speed. You’re not getting that here. As for combat, the game actively promotes not killing your opponents. You see, if you kill all your opponents, you don’t automatically win. No, you have to complete all three laps. And with some lap times reaching well over three minutes, get ready to snooze. The kicker, you can turn on auto-pilot and the game will play itself.

And the blurb says Ace Antigravity Combat Racing is ” set in cyber wastelands of the future!” By cyber wastelands they mean the same looking generic tunnels, except with different colored walls and floors. They might even throw in a closing door.There are forty races in total, so there is a lot of content here. There might even be other course themes that will unlock later, but my attention span doesn’t last that long. Let’s not forget the game is sloppily produced. They even stole the announcer from Fast RMX. Although, to be fair, the announcer might have come off a sound effect CD, I’m not sure.

I’ll skip over this since upgrading doesn’t make the game more fun!

So in the end, Ace Antigravity Combat Racing is just plain Garbage. It is not that it is particularly broken. It’s not like I’m falling through the floor. It is just so boring it is painful to play. There’s no fun here. Which begs the question, why do games with antigravity in the title suck, like just plain old Antigravity Racing? I’m not sure. But neither of these games do anything to fill the void left by F-Zero. So if you excuse me, I’ll go play F-Zero X on the N64 app, and remember the good old days of futuristic racing.

Overall: Ace Antigravity Combat Racing is the single most boring racing game I’ve ever played in my entire life.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/4/23
PublisherMax Interactive Studio
ESRB RatingT
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