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Antigravity Racing Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/9/23
PublisherKistler Studios
ESRB RatingE

I think I just set a new record for how little a played a game before I reviewed it. Five minutes, I think? You see, you just know Antigravity Racing is top tier quality when the first screen you see upon starting is this:

There is no developer logo in Antigravity Racing. No title screen. No settings page. A controls layout is missing. There is nothing at all, just the racing select screen. So I pick the only racer I can and see this screen:

Antigravity Racing's Course Select Screen

I pick the imaginatively named track one. And the race begins. To be fair, the race track is decently rendered and looks good for a budget title.

Then a major problem presents itself: I have no idea what I’m doing. What button is for acceleration, braking, or using item pickups? How do I drift? How do I use turbo? I don’t know because it is never said anywhere. So I start racing, bouncing off walls. Then I get lapped because the AI is super duper fast. I turn it off. Then I do this:

What should be done with Antigravity Racing!

Antigravity Racing might be a great budget racer. I don’t know, because Kistler Studio forgot to add things like an explanation for anything. Not even someone like Midnight Works would produce a game with no control layout. Furthermore, antigravity Racing’s controls are not intuitive. Acceleration is A button, instead of ZR, like every other racing game on the Switch. I’m not even sure you can brake. It might be the B button. Not entirely sure as there’s no visual indicator you are braking except the speedometer.

In short, Antigravity Racing is so lazy. Speed far away from this.

Overall: Antigravity Racing lacks basic game amenities, like a control layout. The result is a nearly unplayable game.

Verdict: Garbage

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