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Slime Girl Smoothies Switch Review

Warning: Slime Girl Smoothies, and really this entire review, is not for children!

Slime Girl Smoothies should get a Must Play. It’s a surprisingly inventive puzzle game that I enjoyed. The only problem is the theme. You see, this is a nudie game where you make cocktails that slime girls shoot out their tits and serve to customers. You think I am joking? No I am not joking. The entire idea is stomach churning. Granted, I enjoy dairy products, but milk production is what makes mammals, well mammals. Thinking about drinking cocktails mixed with slime from a girl’s tits makes me feel ill.

Slime Girl Smoothies scene
I’m not aroused.

Slime Girl Smoothies takes place over several nights at the bar, each with one of slime beauties. And you get several pictures out of the deal. Out of each girl “performing” topless and the other is them doing the nasty with you. Each night you will have an increasingly number of cocktails to make, two, then three, four and five. You can fail one cocktail and still succeed. That’s fine when its two cocktails, potentially a nightmare with five. Let me show how you do it:

Slime Girl Smoothies Puzzle

The game play is as follows: You are dropping one of five fruits on the right into the glass. Each fruit is made of a certain number of blocks. The blocks corresponds to one of four types. Each type mixes with another to form one of six flavor points. Every cocktail will require a different number of flavor points for each flavor. Meet the number required for all six flavors, she’ll drink and squirt, and you’ll move onto the next cocktail. Note that if the block is dark, it means its already been mixed and will provide less flavor points. At the top, you can vertically slice, horizontally slice or rotate each fruit. This is critical towards the end of each cocktail when the glass is getting full. Got all that? If not, watch this video for the basics:

Do you have it? If so:

Slime Girl Smoothie YAY!

There ares sixteen story level in Slime Girl Smoothies, plus and endless mode and a time trial mode. Which is good, because the puzzling is so great, you’ll want more. But then we come to the naughty part. Honestly, they could have excised it completely and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Instead, we get a game you shouldn’t be caught in public playing because the theme is basically a fetish. Despite that… You know what, screw it! Slime Girl Smoothies, take your Must Play because the puzzling is so awesome I just can’t hate you! It’s strategic, brain draining, and fun! Besides, at least one nudie game deserves to get one. If you excuse me, I’ll be in the shower to wash off the slime.

Overall: Slime Girl Smoothies is an excellent puzzler wrapped in a stomach-churning naughty game.

Verdict: Must Play

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date 8/4/23
ESRB RatingM

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Game received for for free from the publisher

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