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Wash Simulator Switch Review

To understand how bad Wash Simulator – Clean Garage, House, Cars Business Tycoons truly is, one must understand how great Powerwash Simulator is. Powerwash is a runaway smash success garnering licensed DLC, including SpongeBob and Tomb Raider. Powerwash is magnificent, pure zen in game form. Wash Simulator is pure crap, a soulless knock-off. To start off this comparison, I will post a video I cooked up. First half is the original, the second half is the knock-off.

Do you notice the difference between PowerWash Simulator(PWS) and Wash Simulator(WS)? Do I really need to spend 500 words describing the difference? Yes i do, since most people don’t watch the videos. The first thing you should notice is the sound design. In PWS, the water sounds will change depending on what you hit or the nozzle you use. With WS, it doesn’t. Next, PWS has a wonderful HUD that is very handy, WS does not. In PSW, the dirt comes right off and you instantly notice the difference. It hard to visually tell on your own if the dirt is off or not in WS. PWS has various nozzles and gizmos. WS does not. I could go on, but you get the point!

Wash Simulator Powerwash
Pure delight!

Wash Simulator tries hard to rip off Powerwash Simulator. They both start off with you washing your van. They both have similar areas, like a train station. But Wash Simulator is a pale imitation. It’s designed to fool people into thinking it is Powerwash Simulator. It’s not, not even close. It is worth putting down the twenty-five dollars for Powerwash Simulator, not for this. Dezvolt Games/Midnight Works needs to go out of business and that’ll only happen when people stop getting fooled.

Wash Simulator is not a good game!
Pure crap!

Take a stand, if you see a scam publisher like Midnight Works, Instamarketing and Game, or Dezvolt Games, just run away. Don’t buy Wash Simulator. It might be on sale for two dollars, but its not even worth that.

Overall: Wash Simulator is a shameless ripoff of Powerwash Simulator. Skip the former, buy the latter.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/5/23
PublisherDezvolt Games
ESRB RatingT

P.S. Try Raccoon Adventure for another Dezvolt ripoff

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