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Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat Switch Review

Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat: The Game is the greatest thing Midnight Works, the premiere publisher of trash on the Switch, has ever produced. A game so bad, it transcends into awesome. I don’t even feel it deserves a Hilariously Awful verdict. I feel it should get a Must Play! What, Mordridakon, are you out of your mind? No. I think that Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat deserves a Must Play for several reasons, that I will detail. But before we begin, it is important to note, the E-Shop lists no publisher, but the game itself shows GametoTop Corp. According to SwitchStars, this is a Midnight Works subsidiary. Anyway, onto the game.

This is the first screen of Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat. You have a variety of meme characters you can play as. At first you’ll be playing as Maxwell Cat, but soon you’ll be unlocking the others. After this, you get to customize your board, if you have the points, and then you begin. The first you’ll notice is the controls are terrible. This is not a skateboarding game. Sure you are on a skateboard, but you will no be grinding rails or doing kickflips. You have forward, backwards and jump. That’s all you can do. Then you’ll see that the game is simply going from point to point until you win. If you do, you’ll get around 700 points. Then you start again. How is this a Must Play?

The key to Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat being a Must Play, are two reasons. The above picture is a hint. There are other characters in the park with you. Go up close, you’ll see they have names. Watch them, they seem to have to a mind of their own. Then it hits you, you’re playing with others, and quite a surprising number, though its the first day. The second reason is the sound design. The music has around 6 tracks, and are decent. Your character makes a sound when you jump, that all can hear. The two things mixed together equal pure chaos. You really have to watch a video to see what I mean:

Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat: Beautiful Chaos

Did you catch all that in the video? Do you understand now why Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat is a Must Play? It transcends bad, it transcends Hilariously Awful. It is beautiful chaos personified! I couldn’t put it down. I had to keep playing. A smile even appeared a few times. I don’t know this managed to come out of Midnight Works. Did this game get created on a weekend drug bender? I’m not sure. But I am glad it is here. And I am glad I have played it, no, experienced it! I will stick this review everywhere I can put it. People must experience Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat. It should be on all player’s switch bucket list!

I will end off this review with a second video, if only to drive the point home:

Play Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat! That’s all I can say!

Overall: Midnight Work has scored a Must Play. Also, pigs now fly!

Verdict: Must Play

Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date8/19/23
Cost$9.99(often on sale for $1.99)
PublisherGametoTop/Midnight Works
ESRB RatingE

P.S. The only other Midnight works production that comes close is, of course, Midnight Runner!

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