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Rocket Car Switch Game Review

Rocket Car: Ultimate Ball League Machines is another GameToTop/Midnight Works production. It’s hilarious because my last review a week ago was also a GameToTop/Midnight Works production, Skateboard Drifting with Maxwell Cat. That game got a Must Play, but it did so for a very specific reason, it transcended bad into something uniquely awesome. Rocket Car is not going to fair so good. This is a ripoff of Rocket League, I have not played that game, but I know it has to be light years beyond this crap fest. Both games share the same idea, you are playing soccer online with rocket powered cars. That is where the similarities end.

Rocket Cars pile up
Pile ups are common.

The first thing you’ll notice in Rocket Car is you’re playing online, expect your not, as the searching screen is fake you’ll be playing against AI. Some of the AI you’ll be playing against are ok, others seem to drive around randomly. Next is the horrible controls, where stick forward is gas, stick backwards is reverse, and NE or NW to turn. You might in nimble cars, but your turning radius is greater than a tank. You miss hitting the ball, you won’t be able to correct. There’s nitro, but it doesn’t do much. Rocket League is famous for insane plays. Its not going to happen here, trust me, as the physics are terrible. Ball hits send it flying in random directions. If you hit the ball on one side of the field, it will continue on until it hits goal on the other.

Rocket Cars bad physics
Hit the ball and watch it float on in.

Skateboard Drifting was fun. Rocket Car is not any fun to play. It’s disappointing because with some tune-ups and actual multiplayer you might have had something decent. The basics are all here, but this is Midnight Works we’re talking about. Anyone enjoying their games send them into sheer panic. It’s like their allergic to making good stuff. All I want are good games. But they can’t deliver. Skateboard was so bad it transcended it. This game doesn’t fare so well. Especially because Rocket League is free to play, this one is not.

Overall: Rocket Car: Ultimate Ball League Machines has the basics of a rocket league clone, it just couldn’t score a goal.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/25/23
PublisherGameToTop/Midnight Works
ESRB RatingE
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