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Sphereout Switch Game Review

One of top 5 favorite N64 games is Tetrisphere, which I had the pleasure of reviewing back when I did retro reviews in December 2022. I stopped doing them because the time commitment for each review is huge, but I’m thinking of doing one a month maybe going forward now that this site has some traffic. Anyways, Tetrisphere is 3d Tetris and very good 3d Tetris. Unfortunately, nobody has made a game like Tetrisphere since, until now. When I saw Sphereout on the store and saw what it was, I ran to buy it. Well, Sphereout is not Tetrisphere, However. for what it is, i enjoyed it!

Sphereout game play

So in Sphereout you place a tetris blocks on the sphere, and the blocks get repeated several times, each in their own section. Your goal is to fill out each level of the sphere completely, and it will vanish. At first, what the game will not tell you is that you can rotate the pieces in 3D using the R stick. For example, if you one block left in a level and a two block piece, rotate it vertical. This will fill out the level, making it disappear, and putting a piece in the level above. I decided to record a video so this makes some sense:

I hope the video clears up any confusion about the what the game play of Sphereout is. It is Tetris in 3d, and it is good! There are two modes in the game, the arcade mode, which is shown, and puzzle mode. In puzzle mode you have to fit the piece into the level to clear it. I prefer arcade mode, but puzzle mode is good too. You’ll also notice in the video the nice music. It is not the bangers Tetrisphere had like Extol, but it will do. I mean this is a five dollar title I’m not expecting the moon here.

Sphereout Lose
You will lose if you have more than ten levels.

So in the end, Sphereout is not Tetrisphere and in a lot of ways, it is not trying to be. And that is fine, for this still scratches that itch for 3d Tetris nevertheless. Therefore I recommend Sphereout!

Overall: Sphereout is not the second coming of Tetrisphere from the N64, but for what it is, it is very good!

Verdict: Recommended

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/29/23
PublisherUltimate Games
ESRB RatingE
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