Yakiniku Simulator Switch Game Review

I played this on the day Starfield unlocked for early access. Now you’re getting this review the day after I burned out on it. So, What is Yakiniku Simulator? Well Yakiniku is Japanese BBQ, where you grill thin strips of meats on a charcoal grill, then dip in a sauce and eat. I once had it at a restaurant near me, and it was yummy. Yakiniku Simulator is just that. You grill thin strips of meats on a charcoal grill, dip and eat. The need to leave the meat on the grill, turning as needed, for just long enough so it doesn’t burn. This faithfully recreates it, just without the actual meat. So while it works, I’m left with a big fat, why? Why should I play this, when I can travel 20 minutes and pay to have the real thing? This is not a bad game. It does what it does well, just has no real point.

Yakiniku Simulator Modes

For a pointless game, Yakiniku Simulator has challenge modes, plus free mode, plus online. The five modes in Yakiniku Simulator as follows: Score Challenge is getting the highest score possible in short amount of time. Time Attack is the opposite getting to a certain score is as short amount of time.Combo Rush is seeing if you can grill a specific order of five different meats for as long as possible. Harami Master is you are given 11 strips of meats, see if you can get the highest score. And Yakiniku God is you have orders for meat come up, grill and serve. Free mode is grilling meat with no point. I never tried online(no friends to do it with).

Yakiniku Simulator Grilling

Yakiniku Simulator is confounding. On one hand, it only makes me hungry for real Yakiniku. On the other, there is an actual game here with lots of modes and challenges(with online leaderboards too). In the end, Yakiniku Simulator is far, far cheaper than the real thing(especially in this inflation), but left me feeling hungry, and not much else. This is will get a YMMV, if you want to grill and eat fake meat, be my guest, there is a lot to chew on here.

Overall: Yakiniku Simulator is deeper than you’d think, but only left me feeling hungry.

Verdict: YMMV

E-Shop Page

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/31/23
PublisherFlyhigh Works
ESRB RatingE

I’ve reviewed nothing like this, so I’ll post my last review, Sphereout, a fun puzzle game.

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