Anime Sexy Girl Puzzle Switch Review

Anime Sexy Girl Puzzle is not to be confused with Anime Beauty Girl Puzzle. But you could be mistaken for doing so, because they are basically the exact same game. The subject matter in Anime Sexy Girl Puzzle are older than Anime Beauty Girl Puzzle, but otherwise they are identical minus some UI changes. They are very basic jigsaw puzzle games with 3 modes, each unlockable after you go through each puzzle.

Anime Beauty Girl Puzzle Bad fiingers

So they are the same game, but is the art worth it? No because the art is AI generated PG-13 stuff. Look at the fingers in the image above, it’s a dead giveaway. I could go on MidJourney and generate it myself. Instead Dezvolt Games generated a bunch of art, stuck it in a cheaply produced game, and charges you for it. It is insidious. And it works, because I found Anime Sexy Girl Puzzle on the best sellers list. My faith in humanity is low as it is(check my twitter), and this just lowers it immensely.

Stop buying shovelware like Anime Sexy Girl Puzzle, just don’t do it. They are scams. But shove anime tits in horny dude’s faces, and they’ll lap it up. Or not just anime tits, tits in general, because there are many girls out there who call themselves gamers, but post more sexy photos than they talk about games. And these women make a career out of it(by conveyor belting you to their Onlyfans). Guys need to do better than that. Guys need to stop falling for it. But as long as men are men, scummy people will use them to make a quick buck. Dezvolt games knows what they’re doing. Do not let them win. Do not buy this at all!

Overall: Anime Sexy Girl Puzzle is a scam. Its the same game as Anime Beauty Girl Puzzle, just with bigger boobs.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/15/23
PublisherDezvolt Games
ESRB RatingM
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