Space Games Switch Game Review

Space Games Galaxy Attack is by VG Games, one of those scam developers know for making horrible, horrible games, like Super Hero Fighting Legends. Space Games is no different. A lazy cash grab of the highest order. In fact, the game was so lazily made, they didn’t even bother renaming the game in the menu screen. It’s really called Sky Battle.

Spaces Games was originally called Sky Battle.

VG Games knows this. In fact, the marketing. blurb goes out its way to explain why Space Games is not space based and you are flying and fighting planes(copy and pasted verbatim):

In our quest to explore and colonise different worlds throughout the galaxy, we have been venturing into space for centuries. Our messages were received, and hope sparked across the cosmos.
However, after the alien assault, they rendered our home uninhabitable. You are one of the few elite soldiers capable of saving people, a beacon of hope in the darkness of the universe. Your mission is to find us a new home. To achieve this, you must brave the cosmic storm and obliterate as many meteors and opponents as possible. You can also increase the number of attempts to complete each level to ensure humanity’s survival.

Total Bullshit

First off, there are no meteors in Space Games, there is no cosmic storm. I think this was a Flash game that VG Games repackaged and sold as something else entirely. I say that because the game looks like an old school flash game. So anyway, you fly planes and fight other planes while dodging bullets. You don’t have to hold down the fire button. The game fires bullets itself. You can launch bombs, but they don’t seem to do much, as enemies survived. There are power-ups and healing items, but drop at random and infrequently. Honestly, the game isn’t entirely terrible, just not what I’d call good either. Its pure mediocrity.

space games/sky battle, who cares?

Space Games Galaxy Attack is going to get a Garbage verdict. While the actual game is playable, with some minor challenge, it looks like a cheap Flash game, and probably was at some point. Overall, the package is shit, especially when considering that this goes by two different names. Don’t purchase this. Do not give VG games your money. While this won’t be in the running for worst game of 2023, it’s certainly in the ballpark. Stay far away and don’t encourage the developer’s scams.

Overall: VG Games was so lazy, the actual game you play is called something else entirely.

Verdict: Garbage

E-Shop Page

This game is so lazily made, I’ll be lazy and forget to put in a table! Although FYI. the game is only five dollars, vs. the more expensive other offerings from VG games, giving credence to the idea that Sky Battle/Space Games was probably stolen from somewhere.

P.S. If you want sexy waifu shooting, try Waifu Discovered 2!

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