Save the World Switch Game Review

Warning: Save the World contains adult material not suitable for young people.

Ages and ages ago, I reviewed Summer Days, a Yuri(lesbian) visual novel, that was all about the naughty, and I liked it well enough for what it was. Save the World is also a Yuri visual novel, it has naughty(even bare boobs), but very little of it all things considered. Instead, it presents an interesting scenario and handles it with more depth than you’d think. You’re a woman living in London with your “best friend” Sarah, who you share a bed with. One night, you give some money to a beggar and get transported to a ship when an alien named Xen introduces herself and states that she will, ahem, save the world. She starts by killing the rich. You’d think this would be a communist manifesto, but it is not really.

It starts out this way, but doesn’t have to end this way.

In Save the World, there are two types of choices, your relationship status with Sarah, Xen, or Lucy, a sexy M16 agent. These are easy to do, just either advance romantically, or don’t. Then a second batch of choices that will affect Ekiya’s view of what Xen does. These also relatively simple, do you agree with increasingly authoritarian measures or not? These unlock 4 endings, Sarah Good(sleep with her and hate the aliens), or bad(sleep with Sarah and love the aliens), or Xen good(sleep with her and agree with her) or bad(Sleep with, but hate her methods). There is a fifth you’re alone ending, where you’re not close enough with either Xen or Sarah. You can sleep with Lucy if you choose the right dialog options regardless of the ending(and its probably the spiciest of the three sex scenes).

You can unlock spicy pin ups(with topless versions) if you max out Xen or Sarah’s relationship stats.

I got two endings in Save the World, Sarah Good and Xen Good. The Sarah good end is probably what you’d expect. The Xen good ending surprised me in that it didn’t exactly promote authoritarian communism. I’m not going to spoil anything though. Regardless, I have to give props to the developer, they handle things rather well given the scenario, especially being a Gamuzumi-published title. So now, what verdict to give it? I’ll just plain old Recommend it. While I’d love to give it a Must Play, I simply don’t feel that its a must visual novel. If they had cut out the naughty, things might have been very different. Still if you’re looking for an interesting visual novel with a side of naughty, you really can’t go wrong with Save the World.

Overall: Save the World is an interesting visual novel with a good premise that has naughty stuff in it.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/27/23
ESRB RatingM
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