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N++ Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date:5/24/18
PublisherMetanet Software

This isn’t your normal review. Unlike many of the games featured here, you might of heard of the N series. You may have actually played an entry in the N series, N++ being the final installment. If haven’t heard of or played the N series, you’re in for a real treat.

N++ Switch Review
Are you L33t enough?

You play a ninja. Your goal in each level is to run and jump across the level to hit the switch, and then head for the door. You have 90 seconds to complete each set of 5 levels. See those blocks in the above screenshots, they add 2 seconds per block, and therefore very important to get. Standing between you and the switch are mines, lasers, rockets, machine guns, electric currents and various other nasty things. Fortunately, when you die, you reset at the start of the level with your time intact.

N++ Switch Review
You will be dying a lot.

N++ boasts 4340 levels in total, all hand crafted according to Metanet. There is a lot of content here just with that. There is also a level editor so you can create your own. You can also browse and play user created levels.

Unlike previous entries, this one boats a rocking electronic soundtrack. There are tons of color palettes as well to unlock.

N++ Switch Review
Precision jumping is a must.

Ultimately, the reason this review is here is because I mentioned N+ in the Alter World review. Alter World was because it was unfair platforming. N++ is the exact opposite, very hard, but fair. If you die, its because of your platforming, not the game.

Overall: N++ is a load of fun, and with thousands of levels, tons of content to play.

Verdict: Must Play

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