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Stilstand Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/5/2021
ESRB RatingM

Stilstand is an interactive comic about a self-obsessed girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark, during a heat wave. The only interactivity is a few mini-games and clicking objects when it turns blue. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this kind of game. It works for what it is.

Stilstand Switch Review
She plays Crazy Cat Lady… get it… because that’s what she’ll become…

If you can’t judge the game on game play, then you’ll have to judge on story. And on story this gets an F- because nothing happens of particular importance. You go to bad party where you get drunk and vomit…

Stilstand Switch Review

Go on a bad date where he leaves in the middle of it…

Stilstand Switch Review

Mope around in your thought…

Stilstand Switch Review
Symbolism much?

Have a realization everything with be alright because you get some random text from some random dude not in the game…

Stilstand Switch Review
There’s some creature with you, its supposed to represent something, not sure what exactly.

Then the credits roll..

The credits rolling made my blood boil, the first for a game to do that.

That’s it. That’s all that happens.

Stilstand got lauded with awards and praise, and its all over the marketing. I don’t see it. There’s no real arc, and the turn around is unearned. So she gets a text from a dude wanting to see her and suddenly everything will be alright? Please. The girl needs to be on anti-depressants or something.

This game needed a few more chapters to flesh her out and her situation. Is she a college student or not? Does she have a job or some way to afford her apartment? Where is her family? None of these questions will be directly answered. Therefore, as it is, there’s nothing here. The game was $2 on sale, it is not even worth that much.

Overall: Stilstand is pointless moping around masquerading as something deep.

Verdict: Garbage

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