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Milk Inside a Bag of Milk Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/11/22
Cost $7.99
PublisherForever Entertainment
ESRB RatingT

Milk Inside A Bag Of Milk And Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk is two visual novels put together. It follows a girl who is mentally ill. The first novel features her going to the store to buy milk and returning home. She has crippling anxiety and is in constant conversation with herself. Make the wrong decision, and you go back to the start. In the second, she’s at home and suffering from schizophrenia. This time, you just read the story, though it’s creepier than the first.

Milk Inside A Bag of Milk
Milk Inside is a surrealist visual novel.

Since these are visual novels, you have to judge these on story. Milk Inside a Bag of Milk wants you to get close to the nameless heroine. I didn’t. From the beginning of both, she is a self-absorbed wreck of a person with no discernible positive qualities. In a lot of ways, these remind me of Stilstand, an early review with an equally self-absorbed nutty heroine. At least Milk Outside starts out with a well-animated cutscene. However, it quickly devolves into nightmare fuel involving a creature cutting your arm because it doesn’t want you to drink milk. I don’t care.

Milk Outside a Bag of Milk
Milk Outside would have been more interesting if it were all this. It is not.

Milk Inside a Bag of Milk wants to be a profound character study. It is not. Instead, it is an uninteresting slog through some surrealist nightmare fuel that does not endear you to the main character. I didn’t last very long in either visual novel because there was no reason to. It could be said that “It’s not for you!”, but then, who is this for? It fails at its most basic requirement—to give a reason to care. In the marketing blurb, it even says, “You’ll have to really get close to the girl in order to find out everything she hides.” Nah, I’d rather not. No thank you. Pretentious to its core, hard pass on this.

Overall: Milk Inside a Bag of Milk gives you two weird and uninteresting visual novels that want you to care, but you won’t.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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