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Scrap Games Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/4/23
PublisherUltimate Games
ESRB RatingE

One of the advantages of reviewing so much shovelware is I can make connections to other pieces of shovelware. In this case, Scrap Games is made by the same guy who made a game called Cyber Fight. I recognized the similarities instantly. The way you play is identical. The backgrounds call back to Cyber Fight; they even reuse some of the exact same assets. The music is a very similar synth. The graphics are quite similar as well. The only real difference is you are now playing as droids instead of people.

Get ready to get scrapped!

Unlike Cyber Fight, there is no real story in Scrap Games. You pick a droid and start scrapping. The issue you’ll notice immediately is the one that sunk the prior game: the AI. The AI is relentless. It just walks up to you in large groups and wails on you relentlessly. It does not give breathers, or go at you one at a time, as in better games. Sure, you can block, but letting go of the button will open you up to a pummeling. It is just not fun. I did get a little farther than I did in Cyber Fight, but not by much. Still couldn’t complete the first level.

You will be seeing this a lot.

Scrap Games features more levels and more unlockable fighters than before. He just forgot to fix the AI, which makes the whole game not fun to play. What’s the point of adding more if you’re not going to see it because you keep getting pummeled to death on level one? He could have a solid contender if he just fixed that one major issue.

Overall: Scrap Games is made by the guy who made Cyber Fight. As such, it suffers from a horrendous AI that sinks it.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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