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Mini Kart Racing Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/1/2022
Cost $2.99
PublisherUltimate Games
ESRB RatingE

I didn’t think it was possible, but Mini Kart Racing has done it. After 31 reviews, we have our first Hilariously Awful game. Mini Kart Racing is so bad, so inept at absolutely everything, its endearing!

First, the game says there are two modes, arcade and time trail. Except Time Trial mode is not in the game. How do I know this? Observe:

Mini Kart Racing
Also back is selected, not arcade, like ever other game in existence, it is confusing.

So you have arcade mode with three tracks, Pine Forest, Black Canyon and Racetrack. The first two use the same biome. All three are short and badly designed, each with their own peculiarities. Pine forest has lots of jumps, that are easy to cross because there is no real acceleration, because you are either moving at top speed, or not. Black Canyon has bridges, that if you run off you immediately poof the second you go off. Racetrack you can go off course and suffer no speed penalty. I tried cheesing the system and skip around the course. The only smart thing they did was make it so you can’t do that by putting in checkpoints. Shame!

Mini Kart Racing
Get ready for a lot of this.

Steering is awful, as if you are driving on ice. The AI is terrible, going on a predetermined path, except when it veers off and flips over for no reason. In the above screen shot, I ran into a guard rail and the two cars veered off path and steered right into me.

There are four cars to choose from including a pickup and a race car. There is no difference between the four. There are three difficulty levels, which affect how fast you go. The faster you go, the harder it is because the steering is so godawful.

Mini Kart Racing
I came in first and all it said was END. Not even a “You’re Winner!”

Mini Kart Racing is pathetic. Its like some video game design school reject. I could make a better racing game in Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage, and not surprisingly, people have. I want to call it Garbage, but I just can’t hate it. So this gets the Hilariously Awful verdict.

Overall: Mini Kart Racing is hilariously bad, so bad I can’t really hate it.

Verdict: Hilariously Awful

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