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Flannel Amethyst Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/10/23
PublisherNerd Games
ESRB RatingE10+

Upon booting up Flannel Amethyst I instantly know who made it. As you had a choice of a level select screen. I instantly knew it was Nerd Games, makers of Soulsland! Yes, that Soulsland, a game I’ll always hold up as the worst thing I’ve ever played. In Flannel Amethyst, you play a girl in jeans and a tight top with a baseball bat. In each of the ten levels, you either defeat all enemies, or get all the gems. You do this via horrific platforming or combat.

Yup, its a Nerd Games game!

The first thing you should do in Flannel Amethyst is to go into options and read the controls, as the game does not tell you that you can double jump or air dash, to critical components to getting around the levels. Once you have the controls down, good luck, because you’ll have a hard time getting anywhere as it is a dice roll if you’ll land on a platform. And be warned, if you miss high up, you’ll fall to your death.

The cartoonish look is nice, but doesn’t make this any better.

Combat in Flannel Amethyst is little better. You may hit the potato things, or you might not. You can roll, but its usefulness is questionable. In level 4, you get a block thing, which blocks off the platform you need to air dash to, making that level unplayable. Which brings up the general lack of polish. Music doesn’t loop, you can clip through platforms, and doesn’t seem to have been play tested in any meaningful way. Finally, You can take screenshots, but not videos. My guess is because it looks ok in stills, but in motions its horrible.

Its not even hitting me and I’m taking damage.

In about 250 reviews I have only give a Hilariously Awful verdict twice before. Now its three times. Flannel Amethyst is a charming in its ineptness. Its not infuriating like Soulslands. For some reason I can’t hate it. Congratulations Flannel Amethyst, take your prize!

Overall: Flannel Amethyst tries and fails at almost everything, yet its sort of innocent and charming in a way.

Verdict: Hilariously Awful

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