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Corrupt Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/29/22
PublisherMidnight Works
ESRB RatingE

You know you’re in for quality when you load up Corrupt to find this:


Then you start Corrupt and get a rather extensive text tutorial.

Legislature is spelled wrong. QUALITY!

Then you are put out on the Corrupt city streets to make your fortune.

City is lifeless.

Alright. You start in a small sector of the city with 5k to steal a business from its owner. You steal the business, a collect a portion of it to your bank account and dirty cash fund. Then you discover how broken the game is…

You’ll spend most of your time on this screen

So the share price randomly fluctuates. Buy low, sell high. Level up the business to own more shares. Buy low, sell high, level up. Repeat until rich. You can own more businesses and even banks, but why? You just have to play the stock market in one business to get rich in Corrupt, its that simple.

There’s politics too.

There’s more to Corrupt of course. Your goal is to take over the government. You do this by buying votes using newspapers, gods and trials, in housing blocks. Honestly, the three things do the same thing so why have three different currencies is beyond me, but ok. You can also pass laws to help you.

Finally, there is anger and guilt. Every illegal thing you do gets you guilt points, hit the limit, go to jail. Guilt subsides over time and you can increase the point limit. Then there’s anger, which if high enough(and it will shoot up immediately), will cause rebellions that do damage to you and lower your security points. Get to zero security points and game over. There are way to protect yourself, like invest in real estate and use the police.

Honestly, there’s a framework of an interesting game here, really there is. The problem is, you can cheese Corrupt by just playing stocks, and buying your way to victory in short order. Why have nine city sectors when you only need one business, preferably a bank?

The game is hopelessly broken, and as such, cannot recommend it. But even if it wasn’t broken, the game is so boring and bare bones, I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. There’s no sleazy charm, just numbers and graphs.

Overall: Corrupt is a hopelessly broken game and not worth your time.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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P.S. Midnight Works made a better game, it’s called Midnight Runner!

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