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In My Shadow Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/25/2021
ESRB RatingE10+

In My Shadow is a puzzle game where there is an overarching story, one where you go through this woman’s childhood and she explains why she no longer talks to her family.

In my shadow

There are four “puzzle” rooms, each dealing with a member of her family: dog, brother, dad and mom. In each other, every few puzzles is a cut scene detailing her relationship and problems with each. Honestly, In My Shadow attempts to be profound, but honestly, the melodrama is worth skipping to get to the puzzles.

In my shadow
Oh woe is me!

The puzzles are far more interesting. It’s best to explain them by showing:

In My Shadow

The puzzles are divided into two parts. The first part is moving the objects in the room to move their shadows around. Closer in they shrink, farther away they grow. Then there is platforming part, where you must navigate the shadow level to collect the three pages and make it to the end. The two parts work in concert.

In My Shadow
Things get tricky fast.

There are are of course twists in My Shadow. Like spikes, saws, oddly shaped shadows, non-movable objects, and boxes fragile in shadow. The puzzles ramp up in difficulty rather quickly, but they are well done and the reason you play this game.

Crush for PSP

To conclude, a good way to put how pointless the melodrama is, is to compare it to a PSP puzzle game called Crush. The puzzles themselves are not what’s important(although its a great game that got ignored). What is important is that the game has a similar premise in that the game is a journey through the mind of a unhappy man. Except in this case, the only cut scenes are at the beginning and end of each of the four areas, getting out of your way quickly. I wish In My Shadow did the same because it matters just as much as it did in Crush(not much).

Overall: In My Shadow is a good puzzle game bogged down by awful melodrama.

Verdict: Recommended(for the puzzles)

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P.S. For a puzzle game with no melodrama try Sweet Sugar Candy!

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