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Weapon of Choice DX Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/2/2021
PublisherMommy’s Best Games
ESRB RatingT

Weapon of Choice was an Xbox Indie darling. I remember it, I reviewed it, I loved it. I was so glad I found it on Nintendo Switch. It’s a completely amazing run and gun game where you battle giant aliens. However, Weapon of Choice DX will get a Not Recommended. Why? I played the game three times. Each time I got a game stopping bug. One is a point. Two is a connection. Three is a pattern.

Weapon of Choice DX
Into the abyss!

The first run, the second level failed to trigger the “area secure” message and move on, so I ran right off the level into a giant abyss. The second time, I actually beat one of the three branches, but the game forgot to go back to menu screen and the game locked. The third I got stuck in level geometry:

Weapon of Choice DX

There is so much I’d love to talk about in Weapon of Choice, but its not worth it if there’s a multitude of game ending bugs. It’s a shame, because you do really play some awesome sections:

Weapon of Choice DX
Like this one!

Overall: Weapon of Choice DX has a multitude of easily found game stopping bugs that you can’t shoot. Pass.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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