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In the Mood Switch Review

Warning: In the Mood is for adults only because it is very NSFW!

In the Mood Maude

In the Mood is Bust-A-Move if you could move and jump around the bottom of screen. You play as a naughty Seagull(also name of the developers) and throw a ball at like colored balls to make them disappear. Most levels will have different platform set up or even pits you can fall into as you move and jump around. The balls will drop after predetermined amount of time. If the balls reach the line, it is game over.

In the Mood Ellen!
I couldn’t beat this level!

While In the Mood does get harder in later levels, there are only thirty levels and most players will blow through in an hour or so, assuming you don’t get stuck on a level like I did on level 20 above. It is my opinion, however, that allowing you to move around the screen defeats the purpose, you’re supposed to be stationary so you have to bounce balls off wall. Instead, you can just hop over and throw upwards. The only reason the game gets difficult is they give you less and less room to work with, because if a ball hits you, its game over. The game gets really cheap later on in that sense.

In the Mood, Elisabeth!

There is nudity in In the Mood! Each girl gets three levels. One where they are fully dressed, one less so, and one where that are completely naked. The Nudity is there and its fine for what it is. However, like a lot of these games, the nudity is almost beside the point. Some might find enjoyment here though.

Overall: In the Mood is a naughty game that misses the point of Bust-A-Move.

Verdict: YMMV

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/21/2022
ESRB RatingM

P.S. Why play In The Mood, when you can play the real thing! Also, like almost every NSFW review, I can’t stop harping on Waifu Discovered 2 and Crawlco Block Knockers!

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