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Action Arcade Wrestling Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/9/2022
PublisherReverb Communications
ESRB RatingT

Action Arcade Wrestling is a fantasy wrestling game. And when I say fantasy, I literally mean that. Want the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. the Power Rangers, you can do it:

Action Arcade Wrestling

You see, there is online database of countless user-created characters for Action Arcade Wrestling that you can download and wrestle as, including stuff like an out of order Pepsi machine. Why? I don’t know. Who cares! You can also download arenas as well, as you can see in this Optimus Prime Vs. Dark Vader match:

You can download up to 120 things per day. That’s plenty.

Hows the wrestling itself? It’s pretty good for a budget title. You have your strikes, grapples, Irish whips, running, turnbuckle moves and submissions all put to three buttons, strike, grapple and strike + grapple. Don’t expect endless complexity here, this is not WWE 2K22, but it works and works fine.

Action Arcade Wrestling

There are also a few other twists to Action Arcade Wrestling. One are spots, where you do the move listed and you gain health back. The other are power-ups, which provide bonuses like speed and extra damage. You can also use power-ups to escape pin attempts as well. Beware that your opponents can use them as well. You can also toggle on weapons, which can be used three times before disappearing.

Action Arcade Wrestling

There are ton of match types in Action Arcade Wrestling, ranging from 1 vs. 1, to tag team matches, to battle royals, to 4-way eliminations, to the epic 5 vs. 5 elimination match. There are no cage or ladder matches, but what is here is surprisingly large. There also federations you can create and have a title to fight over in a match.

Action Arcade Wrestling
Don’t exit to home screen or put the switch to sleep during a match or you will lose it.

Action Arcade Wrestling is not a WWE game with all its bells and whistles. But what is here is impressive, and with the created characters, you can have a lot of fun having your favorites duke it out in the ring for supremacy. A Must Play for that reason alone!

Overall: Action Arcade Wrestling is where you can have the TMNT Vs. The Power Rangers. It is awesome for that alone.

Verdict: Must Play

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P.S. Try Wrestling Empire for a straight wrestling experience!

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