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20 Ladies Switch Review

Warning: 20 Ladies is very NSFW!

A point I’ll keep harping on with naughty games is that for many of these games, at least the good ones, the nudity is almost beside the point. With 20 Ladies, there are topless women, but they only appear in the level complete screen, and there is no gallery. They could have been cut out completely and it would not have changed anything.

20 Ladies Switch Review
I had to use provided screenshots as the game doesn’t allow you to take them!

In 20 Ladies, you are a little a pink cube. Your goal is to jump around the level collecting the all the women icons and making it back to the start. Standing in your way are spikes and spinning blades. You are given 5 hearts(the e-shop description says three for some reason). If all are depleted by touching the spikes or the blades, the level starts over. There are levels for each lady, one with her back turned, and one with her topless front, making for a total of 40 levels.

20 Ladies Switch Review

For the most part, 20 Ladies is not that difficult and rather relaxing to play, this is not Super Meat Boy. My only complaint are the spiked pits you can’t get out of, so you have to jump several times to die.

I said at the start that the nudity could have been cut and nothing would change. In some ways, I wish there was no nudity, so more people could play 20 ladies, as there is a real game here worth playing. It is really is fine for what it is.

Overall: 20 Ladies is a game where I wish the nudity was cut, so more people could play it.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/21/22
ESRB RatingM

P.S. Try Fingun for naughty shooting fun!

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