Word Forward Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date12/3/2021
PublisherThalamus Digital
ESRB RatingE

Word Forward is a word game where you make words out of letter as she shown below. You get swap tokens to move the letters around. You get 2 extra letters to place. You get a complete jumble. You get the ability to make any tile any letter. Finally, you can remove a tile…. wait what?

Word Forward Switch Review

In Word Forward, the word letters need to be in order, but can be connected even diagonally. When you make the word, the letters disappear and no new letters take their place, making things a bit tougher for you as there are less letters to play.

Don’t do this!

Therefore, words need to be made strategically so that you don’t isolate letters and/or have one or two letters behind, as only three letter words or more are valid. This is where the swap tokens and special tiles at the bottom come into play. The swap tokens can be replenished by making longer words, but the special tiles can only be used once. And, if you leave at least three behind, you get a gold star at the end.

Word Forward Switch Review
Time to reset!

There are a multitude of levels in here, and in each level, the letter jumble is the same each time, except for special tiles where the letter can only be played in a special direction. Therefore, there seems to be a specific order of words the developers want you to do, but its not completely necessary to do so, thanks to the special tiles.

It will hard to make word without isolating letters, but there things you can do to fix that.

In the end, I liked this game. Word Forward is an interesting and enjoyable word puzzle game that is worth a play by any word puzzle fan.

Overall: This is an interesting and enjoyable puzzle game that is worth a play.

Verdict: Recommended

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P.S. Try Word Mesh or Word In Words!

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