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Word in Words Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date12/22/22
ESRB RatingE

I use Yoast SEO to optimize my posts for search engines, really the lifeblood of this site. Yoast recommends three hundred words minimum in each post for maximum optimization. I’m not sure I can write three hundred words for Word in Words. It is a word game. Instead of a random jumble of letters, they give you a word, say Destination, and have you find words in the word. So I can find, in, at, state, tint ect. There two types of hints. First is the definition of a word you can find. The second is revealing the spaces and the letters in the word using the coins you get. That’s it, that’s the game really. There are a thousand parent words in the game, so there is plenty of word puzzle fun.

Word in Words

Beyond the regular mode, there is also a tournament mode in Word in Words, where you are tasked to find words in one two minute round. The catch is, when a word is entered, up to the two letters are randomly blocked. I tried it, it’s a good challenge too. Plus, you can duel your friends as well as the AI.

With a lot of the games I review, there just isn’t much to say. They’re routine and designed for a certain market segment. When you play them, you know exactly what to expect, Unless things go horribly wrong, there’s nothing much to note. Word in Words is such a game. Still, it was a delight to play it, and word game fans will have a good time with it. It’s not earth-shattering, but wasn’t designed to be. That’s perfectly fine.

Overall: Word in Words is a word game where you find words inside a word. That’s it. That’s the game, and it is good.

Verdict: Recommended

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