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Master Spy Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/3/2022
PublisherNo Gravity Games
ESRB RatingT

In Master Spy, you are a spy, your goal is to infiltrate various places with only the help of your cloaking suit. Besides that, you can only jump. In your way are guards, cameras, traps and various types of deadly animals. If you are seen, it is back to level start. If you are stuck or about to be caught, press X to restart. In each level, there are usually key cards and files to find as well.

Master Spy Switch Review
The dogs can smell you and will run after you even if cloaked.

I’m not the biggest fan of stealth games, primarily because they break the suspension of disbelief for me. I mean, yes, video games aren’t real life, but there’s an edge after which I won’t take it seriously. In real life, people don’t have a “cone of detection” and can sense you even with their backs turned. People do not just walk away if they don’t see you when they turn around. So sneaking past a bunch of guys is not as easy as it is in Metal Gear Solid. Even hiding in locker won’t save you, because they’ll just open the locker to check. This is why real life ninjas mostly dressed as the help and killed their target when least expecting it(and usually died afterwards).

Master Spy Switch Review
There is a story stringing you along, not high art, but its there.

Master Spy disposes with any sense of realism. You can stand right next to a dude cloaked and he won’t notice, but the game never pretends to be realistic. It’s drench in a James Bond-chic. It has a rocking spy sound track. Every level looks straight out of a Bond film. It works and works well. I almost wanted to start singing Secret Agent Man.

Master Spy Switch Review
Things start off simple enough…
Master Spy Switch Review
But levels eventually start getting multi-screen and a lot more complicated later on.

In the end, despite not liking stealth games, I liked Master Spy, and give it a hearty recommend.

Overall: Master Spy is a pure stealth puzzle platformer that even non-stealth fans like me can greatly enjoy!

Verdict: Recommended

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