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Fashion Girls Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/11/2022
Cost $4.99
PublisherRuWaMo Games
ESRB RatingE

Fashion Girls is Qix clone, where you cordon off pieces of the play field while avoiding enemies. To me, the gold standard of Qix clones on Switch is Mokoko X. In both games you’re trying to reveal women, but in this case, it is simply the clothes they’re wearing.

Fashion Girls Switch Review

The play field is shaped like their clothes, and not squares, which I think is a nice twist. Also nice is the face that enemies mostly run on the outside, with one main enemy on the interior. You get three hearts. The star score you get depends on how many hearts are lost. None you get gold, `1 silver, 2 bronze, have none, get no stars. The stars are used to unlock new arrows to play as, and things in photo mode.

Fashion Girls Switch Review

Unlike photo mode in the pretty girls games, the one in Fashion Girls is aimed at little girls. Each model comes with her own outfit and you can change the background and sparkly effects. Not really at all creepy(and i’m not being sarcastic either). But what confounds me is while the wrapping is aimed squarely at girls, the Qix part quickly gets difficult, as if it were aimed at adults.

Fashion Girls Switch Review

I shouldn’t be surprised as the Fashion Girls’ E-shop explicitly says “Aimed at kids & adults alike!” But the issue is when you make a game for everyone, you make a game for no one. You need a specific audience here. The wrapping screams “for girls,” the game itself screams, “for adults.” Adults, especially men, aren’t going to be interested in the fashion aspect(except me, who actually owns a poster for the DS game Style Savvy). Girls are going to quickly get frustrated by the difficulty of later levels.

I’d give this game a Recommended, but I don’t know who to recommend this for, kids or adults. This isn’t Mermaid Story, which was for kids, but adults could enjoy. This game is for both, and therefore for neither. I’ll give it a YMMV for that reason.

Overall: Fashion Girls has the wrappings of a girl’s game, but the difficulty of a game for adults. It is for that reason the game won’t really appeal to either group.

Verdict: YMMV

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P.S. Try Xposed for more Qix fun!

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