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Xposed Switched Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/20/23
PublisherMass Creations
ESRB RatingT

The current reigning champion of Qix clones on the Switch is Mokoko X. Fashion Girls and Doodle Cut were easily knocked out. But a new contender has entered the arena, Xposed Switched. It is not as funny as Mokoko X, but it can go 10 rounds easily. The game play, while it has a few quirks, is very good here, giving Mokoko a pounding. And, unlike most Qix clones, you are not uncovering sexy women, though there is one section if you want to.

The pictures in Xposed Switch range from memes like space cats, to various landscapes, to hackers and heroines. Its a nice change of pace. Each category has four pictures, each more difficult than the next. You get three stars. One is from just beating the stage. A second is losing no lives. The third is by beating a time limit.

Xposed Switch is one of the more difficult Qix clones there is. You’ve got lasers, bombs and that recover sections, turrets, various kinds of bouncing enemies and areas that kill you if you touch them. Not only that, if you slice down the middle, you won’t uncover 50% of the picture. You will just get an uncovered line. I’m not sure why that is. It seems you can uncover areas clean of lasers and turrets, and any special fields, I think. Some levels require finesse and uncovered everything else but the death fields to get 70%, and some you don’t. The tutorial is of no help. And the inconsistency is really my main complaint, and where the game falls to Mokoko X.

Mokoko X is still unbeaten. Xposed Switched came close, but just couldn’t cut it in the end. The inconsistency of what gets uncovered and what doesn’t, makes the game frustrating at times. It is disappointing, because otherwise this is a good Qix Clone. Who will step into the ring next? We’ll see.

Overall: Xposed Switched is a good contender, but inconsistencies in what gets uncovered ultimately leaves it flat on the mat.

Verdict: YMMV

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