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Cyborg Invasion Shooter 3 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date12/3/2022
PublisherNerd Games
ESRB RatingM

I’ve talked in past reviews about Nintendo banning the bare boobies. Well, there’s something else they should ban, the shovelware. Cyborg Invasion Shooter 3 is such a game, made by the people who made the miserable Soulsland. It was obvious from the main menu:

Cyborg Invasion Shooter 3 main menu

Like Soulsand before it, you can choose your level, except they don’t tell you what the levels are. You just have to pick. Unfortunately, Cyborg Invasion Shooter 3 is just as inane and pointless.

Cyborg Invasion shooter 3 bad shooting

You are this dude in random environments, who has the goal of making it to the end, and that’s it. Now there are a variety of cyborgs and robots to shoot, but they’re completely optional really. Just run past them, following the signs to the red exit ball, to get this screen:

Then you go to the next level and repeat, and don’t worry, they’re all completely ugly.

My eyes hurt.

There is nothing good about Cyborg Invasion Shooter, nothing. The controls are terrible, the shooting is terrible, the AI is awful, there are bugs everywhere.

A real mark of quality there!

Nintendo was complaining about bare boobies harming their reputation, well what about this, Nintendo? How does this piece of shit being for sale help your reputation? It really makes me angry.

Overall: Cyborg Invasion Shooter 3 is bottom of the barrel shovelware that needs to be stricken from the Nintendo E-Shop immediately.

Verdict: Garbage

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