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Hot Tentacles Shooter Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/11/22
ESRB RatingM

Warning: Hot Tentacles Shooter is not for kids, even though nothing is shown. It’s implied here!

The Controversy

Before I begin to review Hot Tentacles Shooter proper, I’d like to address the game’s minor controversy. Gamuzumi, the publisher, allegedly said Nintendo rejected the game as originally submitted. They are no longer allowing uncensored breasts in Switch games. So multiple Gamuzumi games, including this one, were censored. I’m wondering, “why now?” They opened the floodgates to naughty games with Waifu Unlimited, and now they want to shut them.

If this is true, and time will tell if it is so, why now? I’d have to imagine the heat was starting to build on Nintendo. However, the games already on the Switch E-Shop with bare breasts have yet to taken down and reedited, but that may change in the coming months. An official statement from Nintendo is warranted here.

But most of the naughty games on the Switch are either complete trash or don’t even need to be naughty in the first place. Only the Waifu Uncovered Series rises above to be a good meld of the two(Waifu Discovered 3 better have bare boobs, you hear me, Nintendo?!). Hot Tentacles Shooter falls into the “does not need to be naughty” category.

Hot Tentacles Shooter

Hot Tentacles Shooter Switch Review

As you can see above, this is a vertical shooter. You shoot enemies until the meter below the tentacled girl fills up, at which point the tentacles are destroyed and you move on to the next level. Every five levels there is a boss encounter:

Hot Tentacles Shooter Switch Review
Yes, you can dress your heroine up as maid, why? Who knows!

There several types of power-ups, a health power-up, a weapons power-up and more bombs. There is also a rechargeable shield you can use when things get more bullet hell later on, and they will.

Hot Tentacle Shooter Switch Review
Yay, I guess!

This game is a decent vertical shooter. Its fun, it gets hard later, and there are twenty girls in total to save(including boss encounters). But, I’m scratching my head as why there are even tentacles here. They play zero role in game play beyond being a gauge to how close you are to beating the level. They could be cut out and nothing would change at all. But if you must have the nudity, go play the steam version.

The answer lies in the marketing. If this was simply a vertical shooter, it’d fall in the slush pile quickly, never to be seen again. Since this game is a naughty game, it stands out. Most of these naughty games exist for that reason, to stand out and be sold. Recommended.

Overall: Hot Tentacles Shooter is a decent vertical shooter that went naughty to stand out, which it does. The controversy behind it even helped bolster it.

Verdict: Recommended

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I received the game for free from Gamuzumi!

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