Hundred Fires Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/14/22
PublisherUltimate Games
ESRB RatingM

HUNDRED FIRES: The Rising Of Red Star wants to be Metal Gear Solid. I’ll be honest, this is not Metal Gear Solid, though it surprisingly comes close to the original, I’ll give it that. It certainly has the pretentiousness of a Metal Gear Solid, along with its self-awareness. So let’s begin.

A man who wants to be Hideo Kojima.

Hundred Fires’ story is a follows: It’s 1955 in Cuba and you are Valero Montegero, a soldier in the Communist revolution. You have a dying wife and the revolution doctors won’t help her. But if she leaves the island, she can get help. That night, government thugs attack camp, and you run with your wife and daughter to a boat through a short beginning section:

Eventually, you’ll have to carry your wife, and you kill dudes with her on your back.

You make it to the boat, but she dies. Fast forward several years, and you are visited by a holographic John F. Kennedy who recruits you for a mission. Apparently, nuclear material has arrived in Cuba along with a known Japanese Developer. Your mission to execute said Japanese Developer. And thus, your Metal Gear Solid adventure begins:

Even has the name with the voice actor, like a certain game.

Hundred Fires plays like Metal Gear Solid, even with codec calls with the strange parody of John F. Kennedy:

You sneak around some docks while killing mobs, but you need to stay out of sight, lest all of them run right at you and kill you dead in five seconds. There is no room for error, and there is no difficulty setting. This game is hard. I assume there are even Metal Gear Solid-like bosses, but I honestly never got that far.

Sneak up behind him and choke him to death.

I never got very far ’cause I don’t like stealth games. But from what I did play, Hundred Fires is a stripped-down version of Metal Gear Solid, there’s no mistaking it. David Amado Fernandez wants to be Hideo Kojima, but he is not Kojima and never will be. But apparently, the game did well enough to spawn an episode 2. So if you think this might be for you, you might very well enjoy it. Just note that I’ve heard from others that this is short, but it is be expected here.

Overall: Hundred Fires: The Rising Of Red Star is not Metal Gear Solid, though it is an admirable attempt at it.

Verdict: YMMV

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P.S. Want something worse? Try Cyborg Invasion Shooter 3! Want something completely different? Try Save Room!

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